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Feature: Anti-Environmental Riders

A significant assault on health and environmental protection is underway in Congress.  Lawmakers must pass 12 spending bills for fiscal 2012 to fund the government, and some House Republicans are seizing this opportunity to jam through unpopular anti-environmental policies that have nothing to do with spending.  These anti-environmental provisions are called “riders” because they ride along on spending bills even though they do not cut federal spending one cent.  They are bad policies pushed forward through a bad process. 

Riders are an end-run around Congressional procedures; they are designed to limit scrutiny and to push through policies that would otherwise never make it into law.  Riders generally are not subjected to hearings or full debates.  And by adding riders, Republicans are trying to take the spending bill hostage.  They are saying to the Senate, “Go along with these anti-environmental policies, or we’ll keep the government from getting funded.” 

On the final spending bill for 2011, House Republican leaders and Tea Party legislators attached 19 riders to block protections for clean air, clean water, wilderness lands and wild life. Because of this broad assault on the environment, the House 2011 spending bill was branded “the worst environmental bill in history.” Thanks to resistance from Senate Democratic leaders and President Obama, most of those riders didn’t make it into law.    

Now, Congress is starting to consider spending bills for 2012, and the Republicans in the House are at it again.  This page will track what riders are being added, their impact on the public, and who’s responsible.

From NRDC President Frances Beinecke: The Choice Is Clear: Public Health vs. Polluters

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