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Feature: International Climate Change Negotiations

In Representatives from 194 countries are negotiating international efforts to address climate change in Durban, South Africa. In 2010, negotiators agreed to key elements of the international response to global warming. They created a new framework for greater transparency and accountability of emissions reductions around the world as well as mechanisms to spur low-carbon energy deployment, reduce deforestation, and seek to protect the populations most vulnerable to climate change impacts. In Durban it is critical that Individual countries continue to implement actions at home to reduce their pollution, while implementing international tools to help meet these commitments and reduce pollution even further. NRDC staff are participating in the negotiations and will be blogging from Durban.

US Financial Support of Green Climate Fund is in America's Interest

Posted November 20, 2014 by Jake Schmidt in Saving Wildlife and Wild Places, Solving Global Warming

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The U.S. and other countries have pledged initial resources to help the Green Climate Fund (GCF) spur emissions reductions in developing countries and assist the most vulnerable in adapting to the impacts of climate change. The U.S. pledge of $3...continued

China and US Make Important Commitment to Deep Climate Targets

Posted November 13, 2014 by Jake Schmidt in Greening China, Solving Global Warming, U.S. Law and Policy

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Chinese President Xi and President Obama just made a huge announcement. They committed to even deeper cuts in their climate pollution than many expected was achievable just a few short years ago. They specified targets that clearly signal that both...continued

U.S. Can Still Implement Strong International Climate Actions

Posted November 7, 2014 by Jake Schmidt in Solving Global Warming, U.S. Law and Policy

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A lot of policymakers and commentators are speculating about what this week’s elections will mean for U.S. efforts to address climate change at home and abroad. The shift in control of the U.S. Senate means that GOP leaders will likely...continued

China Evolving to Coal Consumption Peak & Strong Climate Commitments

Posted November 5, 2014 by Jake Schmidt in Greening China, Solving Global Warming

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Working on international climate change issues over the years I’ve seen the debate shift profoundly in several ways. One of the key shifts is the perception that countries like China aren’t doing anything on climate change – a relic of...continued

Europe takes first step towards Paris agreement: Commits to next round of emissions cuts

Posted October 24, 2014 by Jake Schmidt in Solving Global Warming

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The European Union has agreed to an additional package of measures to address climate change as they become the first country to announce their post-2020 climate targets in advance of the Paris agreement next December. Europe agreed to cut their...continued

International Climate News October: Hints for Paris Emerge at Climate Summit, NRDC releases new Indian reports, & more

Posted October 17, 2014 by Jake Schmidt in Greening China, Solving Global Warming

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400,000 PEOPLE DEMAND ACTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE THROUGH THE PEOPLES CLIMATE MARCH The turnout for the peoples climate march was massive and historical by all standards. 400,000 people came, marched and demanded action on climate change in New York. The...continued

Climate Summit Focuses Leaders on the Work Ahead for Paris & Highlights Important New Dynamics

Posted September 26, 2014 by Jake Schmidt in Greening China, Solving Global Warming

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The Climate Summit in New York brought together world leaders from over 125 countries, leading companies, 400,000 citizens demanding climate action, and other leading policymakers. After all that, it is hard to decipher the final impact. While the Summit clearly...continued

Leaders Can and Must Rise to the Challenge to Confront Climate Change

Posted September 19, 2014 by Jake Schmidt in Solving Global Warming

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Next week over 125 Heads of Government will convene in New York City to outline actions that they are prepared to take now and in the future to address climate change. This isn’t the first time that leaders have engaged...continued

The Value of the Leaders' Climate Summit

Posted September 19, 2014 by Brendan Guy in Curbing Pollution, Green Enterprise, Solving Global Warming

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Many commentators have questioned the value of the leaders' Climate Summit on Tuesday at the United Nations. And if the meeting were a regular talkfest, I might be inclined to as well. But it’s not. This Summit is different.  The...continued

Emerging Consensus on Next Round of International Action on Climate Change

Posted June 16, 2014 by Jake Schmidt in Solving Global Warming

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Another round of preparatory negotiations for the Paris 2015 climate agreement have concluded in Bonn, Germany. Each session always brings its ups and down, disagreements over a procedural issue, and a bit of posturing (after all this is a negotiation)....continued


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