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Defending the Clean Air Act

Feature: Defending the Clean Air Act

The Clean Air Act has protected Americans and the air we breathe from harmful pollution for 40 years, saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. But some members of Congress are now attempting to dismantle the Clean Air Act and undermine the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to reduce air pollution and safeguard our health.

Since 1970, as scientists and doctors identified additional threats to our health, the Clean Air Act safe-guarded us from deadly pollutants. But now some Senators and House members are threatening to interfere with the EPA's authority to regulate greenhouse gases and enforce the clean up of polluting power plants. Congress should never undermine the Clean Air Act or EPA's ability to hold big polluters accountable for the destructive pollution they release into our air.

Take action: Thank President Obama for keeping toxic mercury out of our air

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Waste Coal Burners, Pennsylvania Senators Attack Clean Air Health Protections

Posted January 21, 2015 by John Walke

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United States Senators Pat Toomey (R-PA) and Bob Casey (D-PA) have introduced an irresponsible amendment to the Senate’s Keystone XL bill that would exempt power plants burning “waste coal” from important clean air safeguards. These attacks represent an end run...continued

White House Oil and Gas Methane Strategy: Goals and First Steps, But Lots More To Do

Posted January 14, 2015 by David Doniger

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The White House today announced a new goal of cutting dangerous methane pollution from the oil and gas industry 40-45 percent from 2012 levels by 2025, and set in motion the first regulatory steps towards meeting that goal. The oil...continued

New Congress Prepares to Take Away Your Right to Clean, Safe Air

Posted January 12, 2015 by John Walke

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The Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote soon on legislation that would take away Americans' longstanding right to clean, safe air based on health and medical science. The legislation is called the Regulatory Accountability...continued

Good News for Clean Energy Jobs in Governor-elect Bruce Rauner's Transition Report

Posted January 9, 2015 by Nick Magrisso

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Some positive news for clean energy came out in a report by Governor-elect Bruce Rauner's transition team today. Rauner convened a diverse set of business, civic and non-profit leaders to make recommendations to overcome challenges and to elevate Illinois' stature...continued

Wall Street Journal Editors Inadvertently Prove Need for EPA Methane Standards

Posted January 5, 2015 by David Doniger

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Did you see today's "Meth Heads" editorial in the Wall Street Journal? The editors of America's premier laissez-faire publication eagerly argue that the oil and gas industry should be trusted to curb its own leakage of heat-trapping methane pollution voluntarily....continued

Peabody Energy Hires a Well-Known Gun, but Still Shoots with Blanks

Posted December 6, 2014 by David Doniger

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Professor Laurence H. Tribe has had a long and distinguished career as a progressive legal thinker and a tireless advocate for such worthy causes as freedom of speech and LGBT rights. He won a 1982 Supreme Court victory for California...continued

NRDC's Public Comments on the Clean Power Plan: How EPA Can Make Its Good Plan Even Better

Posted December 2, 2014 by David Doniger

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NRDC submitted our public comments yesterday on the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan to cut the climate-disrupting carbon pollution from the nation’s electric power plants.  NRDC supports EPA’s action under the Clean Air Act to clean up our...continued

The Clean Air Act and Climate Change: Where We've Been and Where We're Going

Posted November 18, 2014 by David Doniger

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On November 14th I had the honor of delivering the annual Fedder Lecture on Environmental Law at the University of Maryland’s Carey School of Law in Baltimore.  Here are my remarks: It’s a great pleasure to speak with you today...continued

NRDC's Initial Take on EPA's New Ideas that Could Strengthen or Weaken the Clean Power Plan's Carbon Pollution Limits

Posted October 31, 2014 by David Doniger

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This summer and fall the EPA has continued its marathon stakeholder outreach and listening process on its Clean Power Plan to clean up dangerous carbon pollution. The supplemental notice and new ideas that EPA issued for public comment on October...continued

NRDC helping to launch local climate resiliency effort in North Carolina

Posted October 23, 2014 by Luis Martinez

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 Communities will bear the brunt of climate impacts across the world.  Even though climate change is a problem which must be addressed nationally and internationally, the impacts are very much local.  Resiliency to climate impacts starts in our communities.  A...continued


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