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This Week In Whales: Dangerous Dining for Blue Whales; 49 Million Year-Old Whale Jawbone; More Dead Dolphins in Gulf of Mexico...

Zak Smith

Posted October 13, 2011

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News in the world of whales this week (or close to this week):

         Blue Whales (Photo by NOAA)

         Blue whale and ship (Photo by NOAA)

Meanwhile, this week in Wales…

Wales is in a frenzy over Rugby this week, with all Welsh eyes turned to the biggest game in Wales’ rugby history – a semifinal game against France this Saturday.  Last Saturday, Wales pummeled Ireland during the quarterfinals, while France beat England.  With Rhys Priestland sitting the game out with a shoulder injury, James Hook will be starting against France.  Don’t feel too bad for Priestland, he was just voted the sexiest man in Wales for 2011.

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