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Tiffany Traynum’s Blog

Presidents Climate Speech Hits NRDC's Blogosphere

Tiffany Traynum

Posted July 1, 2013

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Last Tuesday NRDC’ers brimmed with pride as we witnessed our President tell the
country – and Congress -- that he WILL issue clear directives and policies in the months ahead to combat climate change. I examined many of the faces around the room; some were very serious -- listening intently to his message -- while others could seemingly barely contain their excitement. Finally, we have leadership that listens. Leadership that is unafraid of challenges, taking necessary action to make change. This…is why we do
this work.

Afterwards, we all ran from the viewing room back to our offices, eager to express our
satisfaction, continued concerns, and the overall impact of Obama’s speech. Of course, most of us did it in the best way we know how – blogging.

Expectedly so, NRDC President Frances Beinecke was the first to hit the web with her reaction, noting that the president’s speech marked a historic turning point in history.“President Obama’s plan will help us turn the tide. It will make a profound and lasting difference in America’s fight against climate change”. Specifically, Beinecke addressed his plans to cut carbon pollution from power plants. The presidents “marching orders” to the EPA, as well as to the Department of Transportation to raise fuel economy, were I’m sure, music to her ears.

Across the board, NRDC leadership – not forgetting our team of Youth Bloggers – took to their keyboards, to not just comment on president’s speech, but many spoke about what particulars resonated with them while they listened along. NRDC Director of Latino Outreach, Climate & Clean Air Adrianna Quintero also considered the president’s climate speech to be a landmark delivery, with significant impacts not just to American’s as a whole, but specifically the Latino community, who are especially vulnerable to air pollution because of the regions they reside and work.

NRDC Executive Director Peter Lehner sat in the audience at Georgetown University while President Obama went over his plan. “It was inspiring to hear the president commit to tackling one of the biggest—probably the biggest--threat to our nation’s economy and our children’s future. And it was exciting to learn he is taking a practical, proven, common-sense approach to this challenge.” Focusing in his blog on how following through on climate action will reinvigorate the economy. Next up, senior scientist Allen Hershkowitz chimed in, speaking about the climate speech from a Green Sports/clean energy perspective.

Dan Lashof, Climate & Clean Air Director – who was also in attendance -- gave the president a pat on the back for “doing exactly what he said he would do” and setting a clear benchmark  for his administration: to make sure that the measures in the plan add up to reducing total greenhouse gases 17 percent by 2020.

Those of us that didn’t draft a blog were Tweeting and Facebooking our little hearts out on the day of. But enough about us -- here were some of the best, most thought provoking, and funniest tweets of the day:

@zcolman25 Jun -- A wool sportcoat was a bad choice for an outdoor speech in late June. #climatespeech

@AmigoJor25 Jun -- Key moment for World environment begins now... #Obama#Climatespeech

‏@stephdreyer1225 Jun -- Idea of setting higher standards for our power plants is not new, DC just needs to catch up -#Obama  #climatespeech

@FuturewiseWA25 Jun -- "Don't fear the future ... Seize it." - @BarackObama#ClimateSpeech

CPR ‏@CPRBlog25 Jun -- Pres. Obama, "We do not have time for the flat-earth society"#Climatespeech

‏@ericwolfson25 Jun -- Man Elected #President In 2000 Calls #Obama Speech ‘The Best Address On #Climate By Any President Ever’

For more NRDC blog posts on reaction to the speech click here.


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