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And the Pollinator Protector Award goes to...MonarchWatch's Chip Taylor

Sylvia Fallon

Posted May 14, 2014

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The envelope, please….

Today, NRDC announced the winners of it’s 2014 Growing Green Awards and Chip Taylor is honored for his work to protect Monarch butterflies and other pollinators through his work with MonarchWatch.  For over 20 years Chip has worked to promote pollinator habitat by engaging people through citizen science projects to monitor butterflies and to plant pollinator friendly habitat.  NRDC partners with MonarchWatch to plant milkweed for Monarch through our Green Gifts program.

Watch this inspirational video about Chip and the great work he has done for Monarchs and other pollinators:


And to support Chip and his efforts to plant milkweed, please visit our Green Gifts.

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