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Coal Carolers Pilloried on Prime-Time

Rob Perks

Posted December 11, 2008

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UPDATE: After taking too many lumps, ACCCE pulls plug on Coal Caroler campaign!! See details.

Hooray Rachel Maddow, for ridiculing the cuddly yet craven Coal Carolers on her MSNBC show last night.  Like she said: "Where are the 'War on Christmas' people when you need them?"

Also on the segment she gave a nice plug for our new Reality campaign debunking 'clean' coal as truly dirty -- and she blasted the Bush administration for relaxing rules to allow coal mining companies to pollute and destroy U.S. waterways.


Recall that Bush's new rules will exacerbate mountaintop removal mining that is steadily turning our Appalachian mountains into molehills.  The good folks at Green Gorilla just produced this clever cartoon (episode "Turn It Up Day")  about the issue.


That's the kind of kid-friendly education I recommend instead of those pesky, polluting, lame lumps of coal that are butchering our beloved holiday songs. 







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Lloyd AlterDec 12 2008 02:12 PM

they now appear to have pulled the whole thing, nowhere to be found on their site.

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