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ABEC Trying to Make a Clean Break?

Rob Perks

Posted April 17, 2008

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They say a leopard can’t change its spots. That goes double for the sooty paw prints of the coal industry’s well-fed pet – otherwise known as Americans for Balanced Energy Choices. Or, if you will, the artists formerly known as ABEC.

Today the group announced that it will henceforth be known as the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity. ABEC’s former president, Stephen Miller, gave an interview this morning to discuss his new organization, ACCCE.

I can’t help but wonder if ABECC had something to do with all this.

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LTApr 17 2008 10:00 PM

The ACCCE announcement linked to your post said, "The use of coal for electricity generation has more than tripled since 1970, while criteria emissions controlled under the federal Clean Air Act have been reduced by nearly 50 percent." Do you know if this is accurate?

Also, all of the environmental issues raised in the announcement had to do with emissions control, mainly with CO2. Again, the other HUGE coal issues--water pollution, pollution from coal transport, mining, water use for power plant cooling, solid waste from coal burning, get short shrift. Even if we pipe the whole country to get CO2 into the ground, we'd still have all those issues to deal with.

Steven LandersApr 18 2008 11:55 AM

So glad to see your group spends its dollars on parody Web sites!

You must have A LOT, I mean, A LOT of time on your hands to produce things like that.

I'm sure your funders are happy you're spending their dollars on such worthwhile projects!

JG3000Apr 18 2008 01:59 PM

The name might change, but the dirty tricks won't. We need to transition to a clean energy economy to create jobs here in America, solve global warming, and leave a better world for our kids. Groups like ABEC/ACCCE/whatever they change their name to next are only holding us back from our potential to lead the world in the new energy economy.

DavidWithACCCEApr 21 2008 03:02 PM

Why are you trying to deceive people?

Focusing on the name change, as you do, glosses over the REAL news about the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity:

For the first time, we have over 40 coal-related companies agreeing to federal regulation of carbon dioxide, provided our 12 principles are met.

And for the cynical among you, those principles are available for anyone to see.

(See the PDF link on this page: )

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