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Regan Nelson’s Blog

VIDEO: Dolphins and Dispersants

Regan Nelson

Posted May 7, 2010

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Yesterday I blogged about my experience heading out into the Gulf seas to view the oil spill.  While we were out there, we were able to capture some video footage of dolphins swimming through the soup of chemically dispersed oil.  I headed out again today, and once more saw multiple pods of dolphins swimming in the emulsified crude.  More on that tomorrow.


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LindaMay 7 2010 11:11 AM

It is heartbreaking. Thank you Regan for getting out there and documenting this.

Sonia KircherMay 7 2010 01:59 PM

Watching the dolphins swiming through oil slicked waters is devastating and heart breaking. Thank you for sharing your difficult experience with us. It does bring it home and I am between a lump in my throat (literally) when I saw the dolphins in the oil and anger and dismay at our government. Our inability to find and utilize the technology for environmentally clean alternatives is a reflection on our sheer ignorance and stupidity. This is a wake up call for the USA and the world, but we're still sleeping! It's incredible the outrage that festered over health care reform and yet this oil disaster, which impacts so many lives "now," in the present, and for years (if not generations) to come gets only third billing on the local news media. People should be shouting from the rafters over this! Where are they? I'm behind you and anyone who is saddened and both outraged by the policies that devastate so many lives including the wildlife and habitat that is our countries natural resource and treasure. I hope to live to see the day when there will be NO more off shore drilling in the country!

Liz JudgeMay 12 2010 01:02 AM

Great work, Regan, and thanks for helping us all to see this as close to first-hand as possible. It is heartbreaking.

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