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Robert Friedman’s Blog

Winning the Future We Want And Need

Robert Friedman

Posted August 21, 2014

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Exactly one month from today, thousands of people from across the globe will converge in New York City for the People’s Climate March. I hope you’ll join NRDC and over 800 of our allies across the progressive movement as we come together to demonstrate that civil society is demanding real action against climate change.











I’ve been working on issues around the climate crisis for much of my life. It has never been the most uplifting subject in the world, but recently, I’ve been feeling a renewed sense of commitment to the cause. Here’s why. In the groundswell of organizing that is taking place around the world to recruit people to come to New York for the march, the movement for climate justice is beginning to look a lot more like what many of our own communities can and should look like: racially, politically and socioeconomically diverse, strong, resilient and powerful. Organized labor is at the table. Local, national and international environmental and social justice groups are at the table. People of faith, the LGTBQ community, young people, old people and everyone in between, they’re all at this table. It’s an honor to be there with them.

A movement of this size and depth is new for this cause, but it is exactly what is needed to win the future we want and need. Fundamentally, climate change is an issue of intergenerational and social justice. The People’s Climate March is an opportunity for all of us to come together under a single banner of demanding climate action now.

Climate change has and will devastate many communities, but if there's anything positive about it, it has the ability to bring us all together. That's exactly what's going to happen on September 21st. 

See you there.

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