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Robert Friedman’s Blog

NRDC's Bees Take Flight

Robert Friedman

Posted June 23, 2014

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Like any of these foods? You have bees to thank! Bees play an essential role in our food system, pollinating some of my personal favorite foods, including avocados, olives and cucumbers.

Since joining the staff here at NRDC, I’ve had the privilege of learning a lot about bees as one of our resident beekeepers. For several years now, the roof of NRDC’s headquarters here in New York City has served as a home to the John Neu Apiary, which includes four beehives, each containing thousands of bees busily producing honey from nectar that they collect from plants and flowers from across the region.

bees.jpgThese three images are from when we started up the hives this year. Handling bees barehanded, not recommended. 

Each week I go up on our roof to tend to the hives, removing excess comb and making sure that the queens are producing larvae. It's amazing to observe them as they go about their short but extremely effiicient lives. Every bee in a hive has a role to play in ultimately ensuring that the hive is fully operational and productive.

bees2.jpgHive maintenance. 

Unfortunately, bees are currently being threatened by extremely toxic pesticides. Two chemical companies, Dow and Syngenta, have asked the EPA to authorize the expanded use of two highly toxic pesticides that could have deadly consequences for bees. 

You can stand up to these corporations and for these incredibly important pollinators here. The NRDC's bees and our entire food system will thank you!

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Robert MyersJun 24 2014 01:28 AM

Hive maintenance.

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