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Robert Friedman

Posted April 23, 2014

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Paint it black?!

Some people take the air we breathe and the water we drink for granted. They're willing to go to the ends of the Earth searching for new, extreme ways to extract fossil fuels. This new piece from Shepard Fairey depicts what I imagine must cross their minds when they frack, deep-water drill in sensitive places and blow the tops off of mountains.


From Shepard's website:

Considering that this is the only place we all have to live, I think we should treat EVERY day as #EarthDay. I’m not a “wake up and grow yerrr own vegetables or die… meeeaaannn” kinda guy, but hey, it’s cool if you are. I’m mostly just a believer in keeping the earth inhabitable for future generations. We don’t need to behave like greedy, short-sighted, pigs, and we certainly shouldn’t let our corporations behave that way at our expense and their profit. I didn’t create this image for Earth Day, I made it for any day, but it fits, and while we are on the Earth Day topic, let’s not let the corporations paint our green earth black… let’s do what we can to paint our blackening earth a little more green. When I release this “Paint It Black” print, a portion of the proceeds will got to the NRDC to support responsible environmental policy. Enjoy the ambiance today, because I’ve noticed that the atmosphere here isn’t what it used to be. Let’s reverse that trend while we still can. Thanks for caring.

Thanks for the support, Shepard! With the support of artists, communicators, policy makers and young people, we can ditch dirty energy policies and the corporations that come with them, and make every day Earth Day.


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Ned HamsonApr 23 2014 02:53 PM

Give some credit to Rolling Stones too - grin:

For song - Paint it Black

Robert FriedmanApr 24 2014 12:46 PM

True that, of course the Stones deserve some credit here!

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