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Emergency Climate Reddit AMA Tomorrow!

Robert Friedman

Posted May 21, 2014

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UPDATE: Follow along and ask questions here!

Ever wanted to ask one of our experts a burning question about climate change? Now's your chance! Tomorrow at 1:30 PM EST, we'll be joining a crew of movers and shakers in the climate movement on a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) to talk about the latest science, solutions and opportunities to end our dependence on dangerous fossil fuels.


The AMA will feature NRDCers Nathanael Greene, Director of Renewables Policy and Kim Knowlton, Senior Health Scientist and National Climate Assessment author, as well as co-founder Bill McKibben, Alliance for Climate Education Scientist Rebecca Anderson, Slate Meteorologist Eric Holthaus, YES! Magazine's Kristin Moe, student leaders of the Divest Stanford movement and others.

I'll post the link to the AMA tomorrow, definitely tune in and participate!

Image via our friends at Energy Action Coalition, who organized this awesome AMA!

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Linda SammataroMay 21 2014 01:29 PM

How do I attend the AMA?

LIndaMay 21 2014 05:05 PM

I live in the province of Ontario in Canada. There is an election coming up and the television consortium will not let the Green Party into the televised debates even though the party has a full slate of candidates and has been running in the province since the 1980's. None of the other three parties are discussing climate change in their platforms. The Green Party is the only one concerned about protecting our drinking water, our food and the environment. Without being included in the debates, there is less chance that people will take them seriously. There is a petition to sign circulating but what other steps can we take to get our Green Party included in the television debates?

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