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Robert Friedman’s Blog

Building A Climate "Wall of Sound"

Robert Friedman

Posted April 8, 2014

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People often ask me what I think is the single most important thing they could be doing to solve the climate crisis. Yes, exercising your right to vote is really important, as is living sustainably. But on an issue as seemingly amorphous and complicated as climate change, I would personally contend the single biggest thing an individual could do to help solve this mounting crisis (besides supporting limits on carbon pollution!) is to talk about it, to shine a light on the injustice of polluters recklessly emitting pollution that causes extreme weather events and disrupts peoples' lives. We need to build an unprecedented "wall of sound" around this issue.

A new Showtime series, Years of Living Dangerouslydoes just that in telling the human story of climate change. Years features climatologists, members of frontline communities, politicians and celebrities sharing their climate stories and explaining how this issue has already and will continue to define life as we know it. The series will premier this Sunday, April 13th, but I'm pleased to be able to post the first episode below. I encourage you to watch it immediately as it's deeply powerful.

In a climate disrupted world, it's going to take people talking about this issue everywhere, in their schools, their places of worship and around the dinner table, to drive action and ambition. As Years demonstrates, climate change and our ability to solve it is fundamentally a story about people and our future on this planet. It's time we talk about it that way.

Our friends at are organizing watch parties that I encourage you to check out and attend. Watching something as powerful as this show should be done in the company of friends and family. Let’s rally to solve this crisis.

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Meme MineApr 10 2014 05:02 PM

What century is this? Politicians are promising to make the weather nicer and colder by taxing the air we breathe with bankster funded and corporate run carbon trading stock markets ruled by trustworthy Greenzi politicians?
We dare any of you remaining Climate Blame "believers" to actually say out lout that you are still a climate blame believer and see who gets stuck with the bar bill.
And get up to date;
*Occupywallstreet now does not even mention CO2 in its list of demands because of the bank-funded and corporate run carbon trading stock markets ruled by politicians.
*Canada killed Y2Kyoto with a freely elected climate change denying prime minister and nobody cared, especially the millions of scientists warning us of unstoppable warming (a comet hit).

*32 more years of "95%" scientific certainty that THE END IS NEAR is anything you want to be except sustainable in "belief". REAL planet lovers are happy a crisis wasn't real, the rest of you just must hate humanity itself.

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