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Big Green Radicals: Absurd Climate Claims, Great Logo

Robert Friedman

Posted March 6, 2014

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Please forgive my snarkiness in advance.

In the battle for climate justice, there are some that are standing in the way of my generation’s right to a livable future. Earlier today, the House of Representatives passed the Whitfield-Manchin “Polluter Protection Act,” which seeks to cripple the Clean Air Act. Not to worry, it would never become law, but this is what we’re going up against as we work to stabilize the climate and limit carbon pollution from power plants and other sources of greenhouse gases.

And it’s not just elected officials who are trying to protect polluters, it’s also moneyed interests running slick campaigns working to tarnish our bedrock environmental laws. One such campaign popped up on my radar today. I normally wouldn’t even give climate deniers this type of attention, but this campaign stands out. Mostly because their website makes some absurd claims and I kind of like their logo.


Big Green Radicals is a project of the so-called Environmental Policy Alliance, a group created by well known tobacco industry lobbying firm, Berman and Co. Berman must have signed some new polluter clients, since they just started their environmental attacks a few months ago. Big Green Radicals is working to expose NRDC and our friends at Sierra Club and Food & Water Watch for protecting public health and working toward a clean energy future. Congrats, you caught us!

The path to solving climate change is long and winding, and a lot of bizarre, moneyed interests trying to sell out our future are going to pop up like a game of whack-a-mole. As they do, remember that over 95% of scientists say climate change is real and is being driven by human activities. We can avoid this catastrophe if we take bold and decisive action now. My generation and the ones that are coming next will bear the disproportionate burden of climate inaction. Thanks to Big Green Radicals for trying to sell us out. 

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