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Pengfei Xie, Director, China Sustainable Cities Project, NRDC China Program, Beijing

Pengfei Xie
Pengfei XIE directs the China Sustainable Cities Project in NRDC's China Program. Prior to joining NRDC, Dr. XIE worked as a senior research fellow and a principal investigator with MOHURD (China’s Ministry of Housing and Urban‐Rural Development). He is an associate professor and a MOHURD expert on sustainable urban planning and development. He has led research teams to compile the national guidelines and standards for urban sustainability (e.g. the Low Carbon Ecocity Development Guideline, the China Habitat Environment Evaluation Index System, and the China Ecocity Indicator System and Best Practices). Dr. XIE has both domestic and international experience. He has worked as a research fellow with Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., and he is a reviewer for the English academic Journal “Urban Studies”. He did his PhD in Peking University (China) and his Msc in the University College London (UK).

Recent Posts

Striving Towards the Eco-city: Experience from Huainan, China

Posted December 30, 2013 by Pengfei Xie in Greening China

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China’s rapid urbanization in the last 30 years has brought about many problems. The country is now facing a huge challenge to balance economic development with environmental conservation and social stability. Sustainable development is in the spotlight: how can we...continued


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