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US House to Consider Lethal Legislation to Delay Cleanup of Toxic Power

Pete Altman

Posted July 20, 2011

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Recently, two different House committees voted to delay cleaning up toxic and other dangerous pollution from power plants. Those votes could cost as many as 25,000 Americans their lives by delaying cleanup of toxic and other dangerous pollution from the nation’s leading industrial source of air toxics (as NRDC’s new analysis shows).

The full House is expected to consider this delay and a record-setting number of other anti-health, anti-environmental riders as soon as this weekend.

A coalition of environmental groups has launched a ticker counting the deaths that delaying the cleanup of toxic and other dangerous pollution from power plants could cause at That site describes the amendments and explains why the amendments have such a high body count.

So who would vote to allow as many as 25,000 Americans to die and expose kids to brain-damaging pollution? Here’s a list of House members who supported those amendments I mentioned:

 Supporters of lethal legislation that delays toxic power cleanup

Congress should be celebrating the Clean Air Act's 40 year success story, not hijacking spending bills to serve big polluters.

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