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US House Passes Lethal TRAIN Legislation

Pete Altman

Posted September 23, 2011

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The US House’s decision today to pass a bill that blocks vital public health safeguards to protect Americans from mercury, toxic, soot and smog pollution from power plants has a body count: as many as 139,500 Americans.

No kidding. Preventing the US EPA from reducing dangerous pollution from power plants means that millions of Americans – including those most vulnerable to air pollution, children and the elderly- are at greater risk for everything from asthma attacks to respiratory disease to early death.

What started as an attempt to make the EPA jump through hostile hoops before issuing public health protections turned into a savage attack on Americans’ health. By delaying power plant cleanup until 2018 at the earliest the bill will cause:

  • as many as 139,500 premature deaths;
  • more than 58,000 heart attacks;
  • more than 1 million asthma attacks;
  • more than 66,000 more hospital and emergency room visits; and
  • more than 1 million more days of missed work or school.

Who would vote to inflict this on their own constituents?

Find out if your elected representatives are protecting your children and families, or the big polluters who don’t want to clean up, at

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William FreeseSep 24 2011 10:46 AM

As the direcor of The Huron Environmental Activist League here in Alpena Michigan we have lived with and died from the pollution and emissions, aqccording to the USEPA' Toxic Release Inventory, from the largest and dirties cement plant in North America. When it was talen over in a leveraged buyout in late 1985 its goal was to be the largest hazardous waste burning facility in North America. The were permitted to burn 17 million gallons of hazardous waste per year and were trying to increase that to 21 million gallons per year. We hope that our persistance against them kept them from that increase.

They stopped burning hazardous waste in late 2001but the pollution continued. In 1991 they received a permit from the MDNR to use coal ash from the Nanticoke power plant in Ontario Canada for 450,000 tons per year. That coal ash is responsible for over 50% of the mercury emissions from that cement plant and 96% of that mercury is the most toxic form of mercury. Because of those emissions we joined with other environmental groups with Eathjustice in a suit which resulted in new rules against power and cement plants to make them comply with the Clean Air Act.

The TRAIN ACT is a pro polluter's bill and any representative who voted in favor of it should be ashamed to look his constituents in the face becuse his or her vote was against their health and welfare.

energy managementSep 27 2011 05:53 AM

I wonder if your local government has looked at the model that Sweden have created for burning waste to create energy? They have developed over 30 safe and clean incinerators that provide power for a large portion of the country

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