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Pete Altman’s Blog

Spanish Minister Smacks Down "Spanish Study"

Pete Altman

Posted May 5, 2009

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For those following the fascinating career of the bogus "Spanish Study on green jobs," a letter from José María Roig Aldasoro, the Minister of Innovation, Enterprise and Employment for the Navarre region in Spain might be of interest. The minister says:  

"An article was published recently which has placed a doubt in renewable energy's ability to create employment; it states that it destroys employment, and therefore, is a factor in the social impoverishment of a country. As I will demonstrate, this statement is completely untrue.

"In Navarre, the development of renewable energies, and above all wind energy, has created wealth, employment and technological development...

"Between 2002 and 2006, employment in renewable had increased 183% in Navarre, with an impressive reduction in total unemployment. Employment for young and qualified individuals (only 18% of the five thousand jobs created are low skilled).

Will this outright rejection cause the Heritage Foundation and others to put the study to rest? We'll have to see. . .

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