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As Climate Campaign Director for NRDC, my job involves finding ways to help move the US forward in dealing responsibly with global warming. So I get to work on all kinds of different projects that involve public outreach, research and reports, and creative ways of bringing together different interest groups and constituencies to advocate for change. Global warming is a huge challenge; solving it demands the best of us as a global community and as individuals. But this also presents a huge opportunity to make the world, and our lot in it, better.

Roots in:
New York
Favorite place:
The family couch, with my wife and kids.
Why "environmentalism" matters:
I don't particularly like the term ‘environmentalism’ because it is a restrictive way to think about our relationship to the world around us. What I think matters is that we show enough self-respect (and common sense) as a species to not destroy or poison the living systems that make life as we know it possible. We don’t need to ‘save the planet’ so much as we need to protect and preserve the life on earth that makes it the wonderful place it is.

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