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A Major Public Health Win on Mercury and Other Toxics

Pete Altman

Posted December 20, 2011

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With the EPA poised to unveil a major new measure to protect kids and families from mercury, toxic and other pollution from power plants today (the Mercury and Air Toxics standard, or MATR), I'll blog on it throughout the day.

A good starting point is to recall much deadly toxic air pollution coal-fired power plants dump into our air.

As our analysis "The Toxic 20" made clear earlier this summer, half of all industrial toxic air pollution dumped into our air comes from coal-fired power plants. Power plants are the single biggest source of industrial toxic air pollution in twenty-nine states and big contributors in most of the rest.

Here's a summary table pdf from that analysis that has these details for all fifty states. Same info is pasted right here:


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peterdubDec 21 2011 12:01 PM

yes.. and maybe all this

"Mercury from incandescent light bulb related coal emissions
is worse then CFL mercury + related emissions"
that keeps doing the rounds,
can finallly be put to rest

It was never true anyway,
also on EPA references

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