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When Even the (Really Really Old) Trees are Suffering, You Have to Wonder...


Posted December 9, 2008

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NRDC has filed a petition to list whitebark pine—a common high-elevation tree in the Western US and Canada—as an endangered species due to consistently deteriorating habitat conditions created by global warming. In a McClatchy Tribune article already picked up by more than 15 other outlets, Sylvia Fallon calls this a “wakeup call about the scope of the problems we're going to be facing” as global warming progresses…

In USA Today Roland Hwang highlights the importance of including environmental benefits in the bailout package for the automobile industry… John Walke points out the failure of EPA’s Performance Track program to protect public good and enforce corporate accountability in the Philadelphia InquirerEric Goldstein emphasizes that the benefits and purpose of recycling goes far beyond monetary gain in an NBC Nightly News segment… The Pittsburgh Tribune Review reports on a recent visit by Rick Duke to Pittsburgh to talk about the roles energy efficiency and green innovation will play in cutting costs and funding programs to address global warming… In the Arizona Republic Ronnie Cohen explains how electricity use and water conservation are intertwined for the American West… Julia Bovey spoke about BPA in food packaging in a video posted to, one of the Web’s most popular parenting sites.


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Shelley FosseDec 18 2008 12:08 PM

I saw the mommycast video about BPA and thought it was really good. I honestly hadn't paid much attention before because the whole thing kind of panics me, but I loved the suggestion to just serve my kids food on regular ceramic and glass dishes. Why didn't I think of that? I've been kind of entrenched in kids and plastic, but, duh. Thanks for the not-so-scarey information.

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