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Week of 4/15: Greening sports, national oceans policy, China's pollution control, and more NRDC in the News...


Posted April 22, 2013

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The April-May issue of Poder Magazine featured Frances Beinecke’s article on greening the sports industry through sustainable, energy-efficient, and low-impact facilities as well as through recycling and reducing energy and water use. Yerina Mugica and Adrianna Quintero were also featured in the magazine as the top 100 green leaders… Frances talked to The Wall Street Journal about the heat action plan developed by NRDC in response to soaring temperatures in Ahmedabad, India noting “What this provides is a road map for what an orderly response would be in Ahmedabad [and] it’s important for other cities too because there’s a growing realization that extreme heat is going to be much more of a concern”…

Sarah Chasis commented on the Obama administration’s release of the national ocean policy in Reuters, saying that it would help protect important ocean ecosystems and the businesses that rely on them; this piece was carried by CNBC and Chicago Tribune… Though not included here, Sarah was also quoted in Washington Post, calling for urgent action to respond to the many threats facing the ocean… Barbara Finamore appeared on Cable News Network’s “On China” about the governance problems behind pollution in China. Barbara is also quoted in an accompanying article in which she states, “The rising tide of public outrage is an opportunity for the new leadership of China to get serious about pollution control”…

After EPA’s announcement that a new rule limiting greenhouse gas emissions from new power plants would be delayed, David Doniger told The New York Times, “Millions of Americans concerned about climate change sent in public comments demanding strong carbon pollution standards for both new and existing plants, and E.P.A. needs to act without further delay.” The article also ran in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

In a Los Angeles Times article, Sarah Janssen praised California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment for listing BPA as a reproductive toxicant, calling it“…a public health victory that has been a long time coming”… Sarah was also quoted on the listing in The San Francisco Chronicle …  The Associated Press featured NRDC in coverage of a Sanford, NY town board decision to rescind their “gag order” banning discussion of gas drilling and fracking. The story was picked up by The Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, CNBC, and many others… Elizabeth Shope spoke with Scientific American to debunk the idea that Canadian tar sands would be easily developed without pipelines like Keystone XL to transport them; this article also ran on Yahoo! News… 

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