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Week of 3/15: Game Changer Awards, fish stocks rebounding, food waste, and more NRDC in the News


Posted March 19, 2013

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Frances Beinecke was quoted in’s coverage of NRDC’s Game Changer Awards, commending Bob Nutting and the Pittsburgh Pirates for “leading a cultural shift toward environmental responsibility in sports”; Frances was also quoted in The Post-Journal (Jamestown, NY), and the awards event was also mentioned in the New Jersey Star-Ledger sports page … Peter Lehner penned a piece in GOOD Magazine’s online series on food waste, discussing the need for innovative solutions to reduce the problem…

Brad Sewell spoke with USA Today about a recent NRDC analysis that shows nearly two-thirds of once depleted U.S. fish stocks are now thriving or making significant progress because of federal requirements that protected them from overfishing … Though not included here, Brad was also quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer piece, saying “fortunately, we have learned how to help bring back struggling fish populations back from the brink, and we know how to build on that success in the future”…

In a Los Angeles Times piece, David Pettit discussed the importance of appealing a planned rail yard near the port of Los Angeles, which would push more noise and dirty air into the “diesel death zone” … On KPCC Southern California Public Radio, David spoke out against the planned rail yard project, claiming it “exudes environmental injustice [and environmental impacts] would fall disproportionately on minority and low-income populations”…

Dana Gunders spoke with MSN “Money” about new technology and things we can do to solve the food waste issue, suggesting: not throwing away good food, being mindful of your purchases, freezing food, sharing meals, and using smartphone apps… NRDC’s food waste report was mentioned in a New York Times Sunday op-ed on the merits of living with less, consuming less and minimizing waste… Danielle Droitsch expressed concern about the State Department’s latest Keystone XL pipeline review in InsideClimate News, saying “The fundamental question for State should have been, will this pipeline lead to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions?" 

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