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Week of 3/1: Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, TEDx on food waste, threats from climate change, and more NRDC in the News....


Posted March 6, 2013

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MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry spoke with Frances Beinecke on a panel discussing the Keystone XL pipeline and the growing coalition of people who are fighting to stop it… Frances and Gus Speth were featured on The Guardian as contemporary figures fighting to abolish climate change… Peter Lehner’s TEDx Manhattan talk, “Changing the Way We Eat” was highlighted in a food blog featured in The Baton Rouge Advocate about waste in the American food system and how to reduce it…

Kim Knowlton was quoted in USA Today’s print edition cover story about the damage and threats from climate change… The Washington Post covered Shell Oil Company’s announcement that it will not drill in the Arctic Ocean through 2013, quoting Chuck Clusen as saying,  “Mother Nature [shows] us clearly that oil companies are no match for the Arctic Ocean”…

In Bloomberg, Roland Hwang called President Obama’s proposal for clean fuel research spending, which would increase the amount of money set aside for green technology, “an excellent idea”… Ann Notthoff commented in the San Francisco Chronicle about Governor Brown’s plan to loosen requirements on the California Environmental Quality Act, California’s 43-year-old landmark environmental law… Allen Hershkowitz discussed NRDC’s green sports program with GOOD Magazine, explaining how the “cultural influence” of sports can bring environmental messaging to a wider audience…

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