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NRDC in the News 6/27: Testing the Waters, carbon pollution limits upheld, Arctic drilling concerns, and more...


Posted June 27, 2012

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NRDC released its annual Testing the Waters report and received widespread coverage in national and local press. New York Times’ Green blog, Associated Press and the Washington Post noted the first-ever interactive mapping of beaches across the country and linked back to the report. Local radio and news media including WNYC, WTSP, WTOP, WBAL, WCTV, WJLA, WMBF, Baltimore Sun, Sun Sentinel, TC Palm, Newsday,, Rochester YNN, Hartford Courant, Long Island Press, The Digitel, and also covered the new study.

The wave of coverage began with a USA Today article detailing the report’s findings; the article also highlighted the online map tool to search water quality for more than 6,000 beaches…

In CNN’s The Chart blog Jon Devine spoke about the report results, the threats polluted waters pose to public health, and solutions to improve beach water quality; this piece has driven significant coverage to NRDC’s website… In the Los Angeles Times, Noah Garrison emphasized that pollution at our beaches is not going away and we need to do more to solve this problem… Larry Levine addressed the beach water quality results for New York and New Jersey with the Associated Press (carried by the Wall Street Journal), noting that Tropical Storm Irene nearly doubled beach closures from previous years due to pollution concerns. Larry was also quoted in New Jersey’s Cherry Hill Courier Post and New York Daily News about the report… In Cleveland’s The Plain Dealer  Karen Hobbs emphasized “aging and failing infrastructure” and “a lot of combined sewer systems that flow directly into the lake” are causing the poor water quality for the beaches in Ohio and the Great Lakes region…

David Doniger spoke with Reuters about the U.S. Court of Appeals ruling to uphold the first-ever U.S. proposed rules governing heat-trapping greenhouse gases. David was also quoted in E&E News, Dow Jones, The Hill’s E2 blog, Bloomberg, Washington Post, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, The GuardianAgence France-Presse, Talk Radio News Service, McClatchy newspapers, and Detroit Free Press

Niel Lawrence expressed concern in the Houston Chronicle about a "targeted leasing" approach to Arctic offshore drilling, which would focus on new areas with known resources while avoiding regions that are sensitive, saying “limiting the drill area isn't limiting the spill area”… Tom Cochran weighed in on the Obama administration’s plans to deploy a missile defense system in Europe in the National Defense Magazine

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