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NRDC in the News 3/1: Sustainable capitalism, addiction to oil, wolf conservation and more...


Posted March 1, 2012

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The Huffington Post published a piece co-authored by Peter Malik about sustainable capitalism and how the business community needs to join an ongoing dialogue to make the global economy truly sustainable… Henry Henderson appeared on WTTW-TV’s “Chicago Tonight” to discuss gas prices. Henry argued that oil’s monopoly on our transportation system means “American consumers don’t have a choice”… The Houston Chronicle’s FuelFix Blog, about EPA's delay to finalize standards for refinery emissions driving climate change, quoted David Doniger as saying NRDC has “been in negotiations with EPA to see if we can agree on a revised schedule and keep things moving forward”…

Brad Sewell’s approving comments regarding the decision to officially extend federal endangered species protections to Atlantic sturgeon were highlighted in a Chesapeake Bay Journal article… A Kitsap Sun piece about the Navy’s increasing use of sonar emphasized Michael Jasny’s support for an environmental impact statement that will force the Navy to “implement better protections for marine mammals”… Sami Yassa talked about environmental benefits to modular residential construction in a story published in Living Green Magazine… Southern Fried Science interviewed Sylvia Fallon about how the conservation of wolves may be impacted by the recently released movie, “The Grey.”

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