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Clean Air? Who needs it?


Posted July 14, 2008

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On NPR’s All Things Considered John Walke, Director of NRDC's Clean Air program, criticizes the Bush Administration for its biased and inaccurate characterization of the Clean Air Act in an EPA report… On CBS Evening News John mourned the federal appeals court rejection of the Clean Air Interstate Rule, one of the few environmental advances made under the Bush Administration…



In a front page New York Times piece discussing both the EPA report and the Clean Air Interstate Rule, John pointed out that as a result of decisions Friday the 11th, “the Bush administration has failed to achieve a single ounce in reductions of smog, soot, mercury or global warming pollution from power plants”.

And in Chicago... 

In response to a lax permit issued for BP’s Whiting refinery expansion, in the Chicago Tribune, Ann Alexander emphasizes that strict pollution limits are needed, "It's not enough for BP to essentially say they're swearing on scout's honor that [flare pollution] won't happen."… And in a Chicago Sun Times editorial Ann discusses the need to clean up Chicago’s canals and river system.

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mohammed saifullaJul 17 2008 08:43 AM

Hi guys:

As you can imagine, in Los Angeles air frequently doesn't go down easy.

Scientists say breathing L.A.Air is like smoking 1 to 2 packs of cigarettes a day.

Looks like smoking all day to me. How many packs would that be?

Photo of a typical summer day from the air, which I took flying in last summer.

Even when you wake up feeling good (though I never woke up breathing as well as here) if pollutants get trapped in the basin later in the day, and I go out to exercise, I feel discomfort in my lungs and head whereas in Victoria I just go about my day and don't notice either.

In L.A. friends talk about their breathing, coughing, and congestion the way people in Victoria talk about going to coffee or getting an ice cream.

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