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Problems Plaguing Gulf Cleanup; Coal Plant Fights Continue


Posted June 3, 2010

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In USA Today, Regan Nelson discussed problems that are plaguing efforts to protect the Gulf coastline from the spreading oil slick… David Pettit explained in the New York Times that few improvements have been made to cleanup technologies used for oil spills in the last 40 years… The Washington Post’s Post Partisan blog quoted Lisa Suatoni about the difficult choice of using chemical dispersants to slow the spreading oil in the Gulf…


The New York Times carried a ClimateWire article on a new coal-fired power plant to be built in South Africa, Jake Schmidt stressed that the World Bank failed to investigate the project fully before granting a loan for the plant… Kaid Benfield appeared on the EnvironMinute’s Hear the Answer show to discuss the need for smart growth for communities that minimizes harm to the environment… Shannon Fisk spoke to the Toledo Blade about fish being killed by a coal-fired power plant in Ohio…

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