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President Obama's oval office speech on the oil spill, clean energy and BP; The benefits of energy efficiency.


Posted June 17, 2010

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In the Christian Science Monitor, Peter Lehner commented on President Obama’s call for Congressional action to bolster the clean energy economy in his Oval Office speech… Wesley Warren appeared on the Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC, an NPR affiliate, to discuss the politics surrounding comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation in the Senate…

USA Today’s GreenHouse blog highlighted David Goldstein’s new book, Invisible Energy, which explains that energy efficiency is a key solution for reducing our addiction to fossil fuels… Bobby McEnaney was quoted in the New York Times’ "Green" blog about new fees being charged to solar power developers who will build on federal lands… In Mother Jones, Kaid Benfield stressed that cities are inherently more energy efficient than developments with more sprawl…

Dan Lashof spoke with the UK’s Channel 4 News about how President Obama can use public outrage against big oil companies to push for reductions of global warming pollution in the U.S…. Michael Wall discussed the cleanup of the Ghost Fleet ships in San Francisco Bay, which have been leaking toxic chemicals into the water, in China Dialogue

Tune-in Alert: Gina Solomon will appear on PBS’s Need to Know on Friday night to discuss the health impacts the ongoing Gulf oil disaster is having on cleanup workers and residents in the Gulf coast. The show will run nationally, typically at 8:30 or 9 pm in local markets. In San Francisco, tune in to KQED at 10 pm Pacific.

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