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Week of 1/25: President Obama pledges climate action in Inaugural address, Keystone XL pipeline update, China's air pollution, and more NRDC in the News


Posted February 11, 2013

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On National Public Radio, Frances Beinecke expressed enthusiasm for President Obama’s pledge to address the climate crisis in his second inaugural address, saying "When I heard the president make that statement, I let out a shout because I was so excited"… Frances was quoted in The Guardian (UK), praising President Obama’s inaugural speech for reaffirming climate science, saying “This is a call to action against the climate chaos that is sweeping our nation and threatening our future. Now it's time to act”… Above the fold on the front page of Tuesday’s The New York Times, Dan Lashof discussed the huge opportunity that NRDC’s recent carbon-cutting power plant proposal presents for President Obama as he looks to reduce global warming emissions in his second term…

In an Associated Press article, revealing the Senate’s push for President Obama to approve of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, Anthony Swift expressed his dismay by saying, "If we are going to get serious about climate change, [this is] a bad idea”…  This piece was carried by USA Today, the Philadelphia Inquirer and many others…

David Pettit went on NPR’s “Science Friday”  to discuss China’s air pollution problem … In a Wall Street Journal article, Briana Mordick expressed value in a U.S. EPA announcement that they will conduct extensive tests into the safety of hydraulic fracturing at one of Chesapeake Energy Corp. drilling sites… In a New York Times piece about the fight to preserve the vista of the Palisades from LG Electronics head quarter’s construction plans, Mark Izeman was quoted as saying, “It would be the first building to rise above the tree line and mar the green vista”… 

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