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NRDC in the News 9/12: Keystone XL pipeline fight, Asian carp, smog regulations and more...


Posted September 12, 2011

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NRDC trustee Robert Redford’s opinion piece pushing back against the Keystone XL pipeline was featured in the Houston Chronicle… In an Associated Press article picked up by the Wall Street Journal, Thom Cmar commented on a recent federal reports detailing efforts to prevent an Asian carp invasion of the Great Lakes … Christopher Paine discussed the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s proposal for nuclear plant owners to review earthquake hazards at least once a decade in Bloomberg

In a Guardian piece, Yang Fuqiang urged airlines to improve energy efficiency as Beijing readies construction of a third giant airport… John Walke called out President Obama’s recent decision to withdraw smog regulation as pandering to the demands of big polluters in the Press-EnterpriseNathanael Greene discussed ethanol usage mandates in the Indianapolis Star

Latina Lista featured a guest blog by Adrianna Quintero about the real dangers facing Latino families and communities as a result of Obama’s reversal on toughening Bush-era smog standards… David Pettit raised concerns about a special bill for the AEG stadium in downtown LA that would allow a sea of billboards, congestion and millions of dollars in public costs in the LA Weekly

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