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NRDC in the News 5/7: New fracking rules, Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, plug-in hybrids and air quality, and more...


Posted May 7, 2012

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Amy Mall commented in a USA Today piece on the Obama administration’s new set of rules for oil and gas drilling on public land, calling the decision a “critical first step” but warned that “much more needs to be done” with the new fracking rules, saying “we hope the agency will strengthen this proposal before it becomes final".... Amy was quoted extensively in Bloomberg, Bloomberg BusinessWeek,, E&E News, San Francisco Chronicle, and Environmental News Services... 

Anthony Swift commented in a article about TransCanada’s re-application for a permit to build the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, saying “the process for evaluating this permit request needs to be thorough, rigorous, transparent and free from conflicts of interest”… Susan Casey-Lefkowitz was also quoted in the Bloomberg BusinessWeek about the Canadian company’s permit request for the Keystone XL pipeline… Dan Lashof spoke with about a new procedure for clean fossil fuels, noting that “finding new ways to produce fossil fuels doesn't change the fact that we can't transfer to the atmosphere all the carbon in the fuels we already have without causing catastrophic climate disruption”…

Barry Nelson discussed environmental stressors causing the decline of delta smelt in the San Joaquin River in an interview with KQED’s Quest (Northern California’s Public Radio)... In a San Francisco Examiner editorial, Tina Swanson commented on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, arguing that the plan could leave the delta’s ecosystem considerably worse… Mother Nature Network cited NRDC’s 2007 report on how plug-in hybrid electric vehicles can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and potentially improve ambient air quality…

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