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Lead, Oil and Grizzly Bears... in the News


Posted October 24, 2008

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In a McClatchy Newspapers article, Gina Solomon cautions that there are a lot of gaps in a federal plan to monitor levels of lead pollution in the air; the article also links to data on lead pollution hot spots compiled by NRDC… KPFK, a Pacifica Radio station in LA interviewed Damon Nagami about an oil company’s plan to expand drilling in a predominantly African American neighborhood; NRDC is working with the community to block the expansion [Listen]… Louisa Willcox warns that the management system in place to protect the grizzly bear is broken and needs to be fixed in a Jackson Hole Daily article discussing the high rate of human-caused grizzly bear deaths so far this year… In an article by IPS, an international press service, Liz Barratt-Brown advises against investment in tar sands on the basis of environmental, financial and now legal issues associated with the dirty fuel source…US Federal News reports on a Organization of American States gathering attended by Peter Lehner and organized in part by Adrianna Quintero; Peter is quoted talking about the future of energy, global warming and NRDC’s work in Latin America… The sports blog of the Tampa Bay Tribune reports on work by the Tampa Bay Rays in coalition with MLB and NRDC to green their stadium and concessions stands; Kate Slusark is quoted.

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