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Advocating for Yellowstone Grizzlies and Bison, China and Copenhagen negotiations, and Natural Gas Drilling Threats on NY Water Supply


Posted December 29, 2009

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In an Assignment Earth segment Louisa Willcox explained the relationship between whitebark pine trees, climate change and the survival of Yellowstone grizzly bears; the segment will run online and on many PBS stations nationally… Barbara Finamore commented on Copenhagen Summit negotiations with China in U.S. News & World Report… In a United Press International piece, Jake Schmidt commended South Korea for its emissions reduction efforts… In two separate China Radio International (CRI) interviews JingJing Qian and Princeton fellow Alvin Lin discussed energy efficiency, climate issues, and the Copenhagen Summit; CRI is China's only foreign language central radio station broadcasting worldwide in more than 50 languages to more than 100 countries…


An opinion piece by Matthew Skoglund praising a move by the U.S. Forest Service that will benefit Yellowstone bison ran in the Billings Gazette Eric Goldstein was quoted in a article on the effect New York State’s proposed natural gas-drilling plan could have on New York City’s water supply…

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