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Grizzly Bears, and Other Issues-- Like Drilling for Oil in Suburban Backyards


Posted December 8, 2008

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Louisa Willcox argues for the endangered species status of grizzly bears and explains the link between dwindling natural food supplies and grizzly-human conflicts in the Associated Press... Damon Nagami spoke live on Radio Pacifica's KPFK about NRDC's ongoing legal battle to protect residents of an LA suburb from the health threats of increased oil drilling in their neighborhoods... Allen Hershkowitz speaks about the role of the government in ensuring the continued support for local and national recycling programs on NPR's Morning Edition... In USA Today Larry Levine discourages the use of more environmentally damaging runway de-icers in the face of a shortage of the typical de-icing compounds... Ralph Cavanagh explains the concept of utility decoupling in the Philadelphia Inquirer... In a Columbus Dispatch article reporting on the construction of a liquid coal plant that NRDC is challenging in court, Josh Mogerman emphasizes that the construction of the plant would be a "climate change disaster" due to the plant's ogre-sized carbon footprint... The New Scientist weaves NRDC's newest report on the lethal-effect of tar sand development on migratory birds into a narrative discussing the crumbling support and growing opposition to the dirty fuel.

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