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Global Warming in a Time of an Obama Administration


Posted December 1, 2008

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In a front page Washington Post article, Bobby McEnaney warns that Pres. Bush is attempting to destroy the whole process designed to protect public lands, as his administration swiftly moves forward with the approval of large and controversial oil and gas leases…In the Associated Press, Jake Schmidt describes the expected “American buzz” surrounding the U.S. presence at the Pozan, Poland climate conference due to the election of Barack Obama…. And as industry opposition grows to laws that would forbid oil and gas companies from polluting drinking water, Amy Mall points out in the Associated Press that "industry says this practice [hydrofracking] is safe, that it's not endangering drinking water, so why are they afraid of a law that says they can't endanger drinking water?"

Last week Allen Hershkowitz chatted with Good Morning America’s Sam Champion about NRDC’s work to green the practices of Broadway… Louisa Willcox lambastes the grizzly bear adaptive management system adopted by Yellowstone for proving to be “little more than empty rhetoric” in a Billings Gazette Guest Opinion piece... And as holiday season advances, Noah Horowitz addresses TV efficiency (and inefficiency) concerns in the Capital Times

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