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Week of 12/14: Cleaner energy policy, carbon polluton plan, predicting water demand, and more NRDC in the News...


Posted December 18, 2012

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Frances Beinecke was a guest on MSNBC’s “Up with Chris Hayes” in a series of segments (first, second, and third) on American energy policy, emphasizing that the Clean Air Act allows President Obama to curb pollution from existing power plants… In a (Louisiana) Times- Picayune op-ed piece, Frances explained that we “can't tolerate companies that put our workers, waters and wildlife at needless risk”…

Peter Lehner and Dan Lashof spoke with International Business Times about NRDC’s proposal to the Obama Administration to limit carbon emissions from existing power plants under the Clean Air Act… David Goldston discussed the benefits of an incremental approach to climate change legislation in the Los Angeles Times The New York Times reported on NRDC’s report that estimated the economic impact to winter sports industry by climate change in an article which ran as the top story on the homepage… Agence France-Presse highlighted Rebecca Stanfield and Dan Tishman in an article about Chicago’s Commercial Building Initiative, an energy efficiency program that NRDC is partnering with the city to shrink energy usage by 20% in some of the Windy City’s most recognizable buildings…

Michael Jasny commented in the New York Times on NOAA’s plan to document human-made noises in the ocean into the world’s first large sound maps, saying “The maps are enabling scientists, regulators and the public to visualize the problem”… Barry Nelson spoke to the Los Angeles Times about a federal report predicting water demand in the Colorado River Basin will greatly outstrip supply in coming decades. He said, “The history of developing new water in the Colorado River Basin is over”… 

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James A.Singmaster, Ph.D.Dec 19 2012 08:18 PM

NRDC "leaders" can talk up everything but the one action that has to be taken for our CHILDREN to have future
THAT ACTION IS TO MAKE THE SUN OUR SOLE ENERGY SOURCE. I have various NRDC "Leaders" statements on how to MAKE THE SUN OUR SOLE ENERGY SOURCE. I hope readers will start asking NRDC staff about how we can go go carbon and energy negative by MAKING THE SUN OUR SOLE ENERGY SOURCE. No pollution occurs from carbon or oxides of nitrogen and sulfur if we MAKE THE SUN OUR SOLE ENERGY SOURCE.
Can NRDC members make noise to get NRDC Staff to wake up on this *POLLUTION FREE ACTION??????
Dr. J. Singmaster

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