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Fed Judge: No Green Taxi Mandate in NYC


Posted November 3, 2008

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Kate Sinding expresses her disappointment that “a narrow segment of industry" has prevented "the city from doing what's best for its citizens and the environment," in an Associated Press article explaining actions by a federal judge that will block NYC from requiring city taxis to be fuel efficient by 2012… In an ABC News article, Tom Cochran advises against investing $3 billion American dollars in unreliable nuclear explosive monitors that can be thwarted by well educated bomb makers almost 100% of the time… On Ralph Cavanagh continues to raise awareness about the fatal flaws of the poorly planned California clean energy voting initiative Proposition 7.

USA Today mentions NRDC’s petition to ban BPA from food packaging in an article on the growing pressure for the federal government to protect citizens from the estrogen-mimicking chemical… repeats NRDC warnings against the high environmental costs of coal use in an article exploring the viability of “clean coal” as a useful energy technology…  Louisa Willcox critiques the faulty animal management system that has allowed for the death of almost 10% of the grizzly bear population in the West this year in The Billings Gazette… And Jon Devine explains what new loophole-laden animal waste rules might mean for American health in the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

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