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Week of 2/18: Keystone XL protest rally, White House action on climate, extreme weather, and more NRDC in the News...


Posted February 25, 2013

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Bob Deans appeared on PBS's "NewsHour" to discuss the climate rally in D.C. calling for climate action in the form of power plant carbon regulations and a denial of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline... Danielle Droitsch sparred for nearly two hours with the Canadian ambassador and a panel of energy boosters as part of a Maclean’s Magazine panel discussion of key issues in the Canada-U.S. relationship that was broadcast on Canada's national CPAC-TV, and C-SPAN

Ann Alexander described the months of negotiations that led up to the introduction of a fracking bill in Illinois to the Chicago Tribune, noting “Six months ago, […] the idea that this could be done by bipartisan consensus, with industry and the environmental community working together, would have sounded like a pipe dream”… Covering the same announcement, Ann gave the Associated Press important context for the bill, “We hope we are setting a floor for others to be able to build on (because) there is very much a gold rush mentality.”…

David Doniger spoke with the Associated Press about President Obama’s upcoming decisions that will determine how the nation will address climate change; this article was picked up in numerous outlets, including Washington PostElizabeth Shope spoke to The Globe and Mail about the potential impacts of the Keystone XL pipeline’s construction on caribou and other wildlife…

Al Huang was quoted extensively in an Inter Press Service article on the unequal effects of extreme weather events on low-income communities, communities of color, and the elderly… David Pettit’s eloquent Op-Ed in defense of California’s foundational environmental law, CEQA, was published in The Recorder

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