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Bears, Pollution, and Other Things That Don't Read Road Maps


Posted September 8, 2008

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In the LA Times, David Pettit reflects on the successful signup of cleaner trucking companies to service the ports of LA and Long Beach, chastising the ATA for using empty scare tactics and claiming that reducing port pollution couldn’t be done… The Seattle Post Intelligencer mourns the effects global warming, endangered species delisting, and habitat encroachment may have on the Western US grizzly bear population, which according to Louisa Willcox, stands at “about the last 1 percent of what was here when Lewis and Clark crossed the country”

Theo Spencer penned a lengthy letter to the editor objecting to how the Las Vegas Review Journal grossly mischaracterized the harsh environmental impact liquid coal will have on our environment if pursued… In a Pittsburgh Tribune Review article on the potential health effects of emissions from a local industrial complex, John Walke points to the appalling truth of how little EPA knows or cares to find out about the health effects of airborne toxic chemicals… And in another article on factory emissions, Shannon Fisk urges Ohio residents to speak up about their concerns regarding a local liquid coal plant and “push the local and state government to provide you with something better,” reminding them that “pollution isn't going to stop at the county border line”…

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