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NRDC in the News 6/22: Supreme Court's carbon decision, air pollution, water pollution and more....


Posted June 22, 2011

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A Reuters article on the recent Supreme Court ruling that EPA should be the governing entity to curb carbon pollution under the Clean Air Act quoted David Doniger on the urgent need for EPA action…  Jake Schmidt spoke with Reuters about US reluctance to honor an international deal to cut global warming emissions from airplanes… David Pettit was interviewed in a special investigative documentary by KCTS, Seattle’s PBS station, on the public health threat posed by heavy air pollution from a Seattle shipping port; the piece also included clips of David speaking at a hearing, condemning ads taken out by owners of the shipping port aimed at enticing businesses to come to Seattle because of its lack of environmental laws…


In a New York Times Green blog, Eric Goldstein praised a bill currently awaiting the Governor’s signature which will implement greater restrictions on companies that take large quantities of water from New York’s lakes, rivers and streams once signed, thus allowing for better water management…  In a Los Angeles Times Greenspace blog, Mae Wu commented on a recent congressional bill that allows pesticide manufacturers to bypass regulations set in place by the Clean Water Act to protect human health… A New York Times Green blog mentioned NRDC for its role in working with the National Hockey League to reduce the league’s water usage…

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