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Frances Beinecke on her book, "Clean Energy Common Sense," Opposition to Natural Gas Drilling in NY, Threats by Asian Carp, Moving Bison, Restoring the Everglades, and Innovations in Stormwater Management


Posted December 28, 2009

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A Q&A with Frances Beinecke on her book ‘Clean Energy Common Sense’ ran in Frances’ community newspaper the Riverdale Press… In a New York Times article reporting that New York City is now calling on the state to withdraw its draft regulations approving natural gas drilling, Eric Goldstein emphasized the need for a legally binding ban on drilling near New York City’s watershed. (Bloomberg News and the New York Daily News also reported on the topic.)  Henry Henderson was quoted in a page 3 Washington Post article on the threats posed to Lake Michigan by invading Asian carp; the piece was carried by several other outlets including


In a Greenwire article carried by the New York Times, Nancy Stoner praised Philadelphia for its innovative and entirely ‘green’ stormwater management proposal… Matt Skoglund responded to concerns about a state agreement that will transfer a group of pure-bred and brucelosis-free bison onto Ted Turner’s Montana ranch in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle… An opinion piece in the Orlando Sentinel looking at how the restoration of the Florida everglades has been derailed defended environmental groups from misguided criticism…

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