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Ned Farquhar, NRDC alum,

Ned Farquhar

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Transmission - Don't Play With Electricity!

Posted March 4, 2009 by Ned Farquhar

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“Careful there.  You’re going to ELECTROCUTE yourself!”  That’s my mother, when I was about five, six, seven, eight, even nine. I was playing with electricity.  That’s what advocates of giant high-voltage transmission systems might be doing as well.  David...continued

Obama's speech: What it means for the West

Posted February 24, 2009 by Ned Farquhar

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The President’s speech tonight to a joint session of Congress opens some very big doors for the West.  We don’t have to choose between door number one, door number two, and door number three.  For the first time in memory,...continued

WBRT on WCI - The same mistakes, again

Posted February 17, 2009 by Ned Farquhar

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  WBRT report: Let's go back and do what we did before.   I just listened to the WBRT (Western Business Roundtable) webinar about its new report on the Western Climate Initiative (WCI).  Some quick reactions, while I spend a...continued

Western economy will benefit - maybe not the fossil energy industry...

Posted February 17, 2009 by Ned Farquhar

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From a press release distributed Friday, February 13, I learned that the Western Business Roundtable will today release a report that is "highly critical" of the Western Climate Initiative. (I blogged on it in September 2008 - it's a seven-state...continued

WCI: Costly, or cost-effective investment?

Posted September 23, 2008 by Ned Farquhar

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 Yesterday the price of oil rose $25.  In one day.    Some might ascribe that rise to the shaky financial markets, to fear and anxiety about the global economy.  Underlying that obvious connection, however, is the equally obvious fact that...continued

Western Climate Initiative - A Big Leap for a Diverse Region

Posted September 22, 2008 by Ned Farquhar

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 The Western Climate Initiative (WCI, at may not be perfect.  Nothing in the Western U.S. ever is.  But in its announcement of a new framework for a regional cap and trade program to control global warming emissions (and help toward...continued


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