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Melissa Waage’s Blog

EXPOSED: New Documentary Blows Whistle on Wildlife Services' Misdeeds

Melissa Waage

Posted January 2, 2014

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Wow. Our friends at Predator Defense have uncovered a plethora of wild-but-true tales of misconduct and senseless wildlife slaughter at Wildlife Services, the secretive federal wildlife-killing agency. Poaching mountain lions on the job, poisoning eagles and pets and hiding the evidence, selling banned predator poisons on the black'll hear the incredible truth straight from whistle-blowing former federal agents in Predator Defense's new documentary, Exposed.

Exposed may well leave you thirsting for some accountability at this out-of-control agency. Good news: last month the Department of Agriculture's internal watchdog confirmed that it will conduct an audit of Wildlife Services. That's an important first step, and it's a critical time to keep up the pressure for real reform. Find out more about Exposed and how you can help at the film's web page.

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