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Tell Governor Cuomo: Please Support Local Farms by Signing the State Metrics Bill!

Margaret Brown

Posted December 12, 2013

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This summer, the New York State Legislature passed—with enormous bipartisan support—the State Food Metrics Bill (Senate Bill 4061 and Assembly Bill 5102). On Friday, they sent the bill to Governor Cuomo for his signature.

The Metrics Bill, which I’ve blogged about before, would help state agencies buy more local food and require them to report the geographic origins of the food they purchase.

NRDC strongly supports the Metrics Bill as a great first step in using the state’s considerable purchasing power to support local food.


Buying local helps grow our rural economies, preserve farmland, and provide fresh food to New Yorkers. By harnessing the state’s purchasing power, we can create steady demand for local food and help rebuild our region’s food system.

Please join us in telling Governor Cuomo to support this bill!

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