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Ford Takes Solar Car Charging to the Roof

Max Baumhefner

Posted January 2, 2014 in Curbing Pollution, Living Sustainably, Solving Global Warming

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I’ve previously written on the overlapping consumer interest in clean vehicles and clean energy, describing five pathways to make the connection between the two.  Today, Ford unveiled a sixth, covering the roof of a plug-in hybrid C-Max Energi entirely in solar cells and parking it below a solar concentrating canopy.  With the car slowly moving itself over the course of the day to follow the sun, it can be fully re-charged without ever plugging in.

It’s only a concept for now, but the video below is a good example of some innovative thinking to accelerate the market for both clean electricity and clean cars: 


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Abdul MJan 6 2014 11:06 PM

Totally impractical. This is purely a marketing gimmick just like the hydrogen car that Honda claims to be developing.

This is a pure marketing effort, and you are buying into it hook, line, and sinker.

MDJan 9 2014 04:31 PM

While this type of solar charging may be impractical now, it is only a proof of concept. Solar charging in five to ten years will be many magnitudes better than it is today (just as it is many magnitudes better now than it was 10 years ago). And, if we can get people (and companies) behind the concept, we will be moving in a positive direction to staunch our sole reliance on fossil fuels.

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