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Louisa Willcox’s Blog

The Last Wolf, by Mary TallMountain

Louisa Willcox

Posted October 27, 2010

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NRDC has been granted permission by publisher Freedom Voices Publications, to post a poem, “The Last Wolf”, by the late Mary TallMountain, a renowned Native Alaskan writer and elder. Mary TallMountain was an active participant in the Native American literature renaissance, and is remembered for encouraging of aspiring writers of all ages, from inner-city San Francisco to remote villages in Alaska.  Mary TallMountain was interviewed by Bill Moyers, who said “her poetry is a permanent testament to the rich tapestry of experience that was her life”.  And author Barry Lopez said “her spirit and her to connect the different worlds of her experience teach us much about how to live our lives properly.”

Her perspective in “The Last Wolf” come at a time of ever-increasing craziness in the contentious debate about the grey wolf in the Northern Rockies.  I hope you enjoy!


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