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Kate Sinding’s Blog

No limited fracking in NY before completing the environmental review

Kate Sinding

Posted June 13, 2012

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In response to a report in today's New York Times regarding an apparent plan by New York State to proceed with fracking in limited areas, we have released the following statement:

"As has long been our position, NRDC supports a continuing statewide moratorium on high-volume hydraulic fracturing in New York State until DEC fully evaluates the risks and determines whether it can develop a plan that is fully protective of public health and the environment.  It is clear that current regulatory practices and technologies utilized elsewhere would not do so.

The state is currently in the midst of an on-going environmental review process, and until it is complete, there remain too many questions that must be answered and too many health and environmental issues that must be resolved for the state to consider moving forward now with any plans to frack – whether in limited portions of the Marcellus Shale region or otherwise.

For example, we still do not know how the huge volumes of tainted wastewaters that would be produced by drilling would be handled.  Nor have lingering concerns about localized health impacts yet been addressed.  And important questions remain unanswered concerning how local communities would be protected against potential impacts to their quality of life.

We look forward to continued participation as the DEC’s environmental review and the Administration’s decision-making process move forward."

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Vincent Armetta Jun 13 2012 05:27 PM

Jobs,jobs, jobs!!!!!!!

Rae Lynn BoyerJun 13 2012 08:47 PM

This has to stop. Greed will be the downfall of our planet, our species. We do not need to destroy more of the Earth, we need to preserve her and find better ways to supply our energy needs. Wind, Sun, and Water are clean and limitless! Let's move forward!

Eric RyanJun 14 2012 10:13 AM

YES. Fracking may someday be a good idea, but I also support the moratorium. Take your time! the gas isn't going anywhere! There needs to be air tight legislation on the environmental sustainability of the practice before drilling can start. Check out some of the controversy and impacts that places like PA have already experienced here:

Kathleen DickersonJun 16 2012 12:30 AM

I used to be a member of NRDC and they were in my will. This is no longer. I am now very disappointed in NRDC, among with many of my friends & family in NYS. NRDC is agreeing w/Governor Cuomo to open my area - Broome County to fracking - NRDC - thanks for helping the gas companies to use me, my children, grandchildren and neighbors as guinea pigs. I always trusted you as a true environmental group, but like so many others along w/corporate america and the politicians, you are not true to what you claim you stand for. Now my health of my kids are going to pay for your agreement with Cuomo. I hope everyone finds out the truth about your organization. So many of us in NY are seeing your organization for what it really stands for and its not looking out for the environment or people. We are not stupid, we have talked to people in PA, listened to scientists, specialists, drs. on and on - there is so many people and so much information out there on the extreme dangers and problems with the fracking natural gas and the companies. Its a shame. You've turned your back on all of us.

Kate SindingJun 20 2012 05:45 PM

Ms. Dickerson, thank you for your past support of NRDC and for your comment. Please allow me to reiterate that NRDC is not endorsing the Governor's plan to advance "demonstration projects" in Broome County and other counties in NY.

Indeed, as a story in today's New York Times reports (, we signed onto a statement along with over 100 other groups and individuals across the state opposing moving forward with any fracking plan - whether in limited areas or otherwise - because the state has yet to fully consider the environmental and public health risks posed by fracking.

Again, thank you for your past support. NRDC remains committed to ensuring that the health, environment and communities of all New Yorkers are protected against the threats of industrial gas development.

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