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Rit Aggarwala on why cities are more environmental solution than problem

Kaid Benfield

Posted July 27, 2012

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  Philadelphia (by: Steve Eng, creative commons)

Rohit “Rit” Aggarwala leads the environmental program at Bloomberg Philanthropies.  Previously, he was chief advisor to New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg on environmental policy, and led the development and implementation of the justly heralded PlaNYC.  He also assisted Mayor Bloomberg on New York’s participation in C40 Cities, “a network of large and engaged cities from around the world” that are addressing solutions to climate change.  Bloomberg is the current chair of C40.

In this short video produced by Gen/Connect, Aggarwala succinctly makes the point that city dwellers are the most efficient users of environmental resources.  As I have opined before, I think he’s right.  He also stresses that, to make the most of the urban dividend for sustainability, we need our cities to be safe and clean.  Enjoy: 


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